Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mystery meat

A few mornings ago I made a huge discovery in my very own back yard. Jenny and I had just come outside when I spotted the biggest piece of beef sausage lying in the driveway!

I bit down on it and picked it up. As I sat there looking up at Jenny I could feel each side of the sausage hanging down, but this moment of elation and pride dissolved quickly. She yelled at me and grabbed at it. I clamped down hard with my teeth, but she was able to rip off one end and put it into a clear bag. This gave me time to eat some of it before she took away the rest. It was thick, fatty, and juicy. It left a greasy, delicious smelling spot on the driveway which I licked until Jenny pulled me away. She was quite upset and told me that the sausage could have been poisoned. She said she would save it to show the vet if I became ill. I wanted to reassure her that it smelled and tasted fine but how could I?

We went for a walk and proceeded to enjoy another ordinary sort of day (although Jenny watched me very closely for a long time after). Thankfully I never suffered any ill effects, but I knew I wouldn't -- the meat was scrumptious!

I'm left only with a fond memory and unanswered questions. Who left the sausage? Was it a cat? crow? dog? raccoon? human? Where did it come from? Why was it abandoned? Was it stolen? Do I have a secret admirer? Or a secret enemy that failed to poison me?

I have a feeling this is another mystery which will go unsolved.

With love & cuddles,

Lesson# 38 A mystery can appear when we least expect it even in sausage form.

1 comment:

  1. Your a sneaky little puppy! Your mom is pretty worried about you. You shouldn't be eating scraps of meat on the lawn!:)

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